Back in the Studio

Back in the Studio

A little over a year since Ken, Mark, & Jessie started rehearsing again – an acoustic iteration of their former Petal selves – we’re in the studio. The plan is to eventually record fully-caffeinated versions of these songs (AKA with drums & bass), but for now we wanted to record them as we’ve been playing them.

Singer's-eye-view of guitar tracking
Singer’s-eye-view of guitar tracking :: Jessica Spiegel :: February 2014

We finished recording one entire song in January, & got most of a second done last night. And, in case there’s any doubt, especially because it looks like the boys are concentrating so hard here… We are having SO. MUCH. FUN.

We asked this question on our Facebook page (what, you didn’t know we had a Facebook page?), but we’ll ask it here, too. What do you think we should call this acoustic collection of songs?

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