Petal Plays “They Call Me Rocket” Book Fundraiser

Petal Plays “They Call Me Rocket” Book Fundraiser

Heads up, Petal is contributing to the entertainment for the “They Call Me Rocket” book fundraiser at the Star Theater on May 6th. Which means you’re coming to the Star Theater on May 6th. Right? Right.


More about the event, from the event page:

“Rocket” is the stage name of a former exotic dancer who worked at well-known Portland area night clubs … for seven years. She co-founded the annual PDX Strippies: Strip Club Industry Awards; held annually for the past four years. While stripping, she kept extensive journals of her experiences and is currently working on writing a book about this time in her life, both on stage and off. In short stories ranging from funny to bizarre to intensely personal, she’s kicking off her goal of book publication with this event.

Petal is playing two short sets – one around 8pm just after the show gets started, and another somewhere around 9:45 (don’t quote us on that). The evening won’t be short on other entertainment, though. “Friends from the underground cabaret scene and former strip club industry co-workers (including dancers and DJs) will take the Star Theater stage to read excerpts of her book material and perform various cabaret and comedy acts.”

So come out to the Star Theater on Tuesday and say hello, won’t you?

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